Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abbi-Zotto 5minute episode of 26 pre age serial

Aniflames Entertainment Studios Production
Abbi Zotto
5 minute episode of 26 serial for all age groups
Abbi & Zotto – The concept is on educating children of pre-school age. The main character Abi and her friend Zotto discover the world in a fantastic way. This is a 5-7 minutes episode on educating children tinged with moral & other learning aspects in 26 serial which is meant for pre-school age groups.

Abbi, a cute little girl admires everything she sees in her day to day life. She is so childish and juvenile to understand each and every day. She is so vigorous in asking her doubts to her mom. Having questions always, her mom started avoiding such a situation and she becomes lonely of getting her doubts cleared.

On a sunny day, she sees a difference on a doll with which she used to play a lot. “Yes, the doll is not as same as before. It shines… it glitters… it moves… Oh, it has life. God, it’s unbelievable!!!

She is afraid to go near to the doll now. She wants to get away from there and slowly walks out of the room. The doll says “Hey, Abbi! I’m Zotto. Why are you looking at me strangely? Come on!!!

Slowly Abbi started admiring the doll and started speaking to him. They become good friends. She started explaining the doll of her doubts. Doubts, doubts and doubts. For all questions, Zotto used to give an answer patiently.

Abbi now loves Zotto, the way he explain things etc. She started exploring the new world of information every day and enjoys playing with him.

What is the way he explains things?

Let’s watch out the series…

Very interesting! Very informative to pre-school- ers!!!

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Aniflames- Kinzoc the hunter

Aniflames Entertainment Studios Production
2 minute episode of 52 serial for all age groups
KinZoc – The story is about a hunter boy who lives in a forest. He is an adventure mania person in every walk of his life. His adventures with good dose of humor in a 2 minute episode of 52 serial is meant for all age groups.
Kinzoc - Catch it [ Episode 03 ]
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